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Avail Cutting-Edge Solutions For TDM95 Temperature Detector, Security Metal Detector, Attendance Software, SpeedFace H5L Integration & More Products From Us.

About Us

ZKTeco Biometrics India Private Limited is an internationally recognized enterprise which is indulged in latest tech for biometrics & associated products. As a manufacturer & service provider, our firm is holding a premier spot in the global markets. Our passion for technology & development is taking our company to an epitome of success and prosperity in the industry. The offerings presented by us ranges from TDM95 Temperature Detector, SpeedFace H5L Integration, Attendance Software, G4L ZKTeco Biometrics, Security Metal Detector to more products. With continuous development in the field, we pioneered smart security ecosystem and identity authentication ecosystem. We have now become a globally-leading enterprise by serving biometric verification products. Our products are protected by intellectual property rights. We have an ultramodern manufacturing base where the software development processes of our enterprise takes place. 

Our History

  • 1998: Company released first in-house developed fingerprint algorithm ZKFinger2.0. it has applications in PC security and identity authentication field.
  • 1999: Announced to enter in the markets of biometric verification technology and released V20 access control device.
  • 2001: Released fingerprint biometric system ZKFinger3.0 based on Intel Strong ARM.
  • 2002: Released the embedded fingerprint development platform 1.0 in the national markets.
  • 2003: Released fingerprint development tool 2.0 along with face recognition algorithm ZKFace 1.0.
  • 2004: Released fingerprint development tool ZEM100 & 200 series.
  • 2005: Released fingerprint development tool ZEM300 series.
  • 2006: Launched facial recognition algorithm ZKFace2.0 and fingerprint development tool ZEM400 & 500 series.
  • 2007: Launched TFT-iClock Series and Wi-Fi communication fingerprint terminal.
  • 2008: Launched biometric verification smart lock and B/S structure time & attendance platform.
  • 2009: Launched facial recognition algorithm ZKFace3.0, hybrid biometric verification development tool ZEM600 Series and face & fingerprint hybrid verification time attendance terminal.
  • 2010: Launched first iris algorithm ZKIris 1.0, the finger vein algorithm ZKFingerVein 2.0, vein algorithm ZKVein2.0 and access controller C3 Series. Also, established subsidiary in Europe.
  • 2011: Launched finger vein algorithm ZKFingerVein 1.0. Brand name changed from ZKSoftware to ZKTeco. Also, branch office was established in Brazil.
  • 2012: Launched ZKLiveFace 1.0 and ZKMultiBio3.0. Branch office established in Argentina.
  • 2013: Establishes Silk ID Research Laboratory in Silicon Valley, USA.
  • 2014: Released ZKPalm Vein 1.0 multi-modal palm print verification. Branch offices officially established in Malaysia & Dubai. 
  • 2015: Released ZK LiveFace 2.0 algorithm, ZKFingerVein 3.0 and ZKPalmVein 2.0. Launched time management and security management platform. Subsidiaries were established in India, Hong Kong and Thailand.
  • 2016: Released ZK LiveFace 3.0 which is an independent intellectual property based visible light face recognition algorithm, ZKPalmVein 5.0 for multi-modal palm print recognition and more.
  • 2017: Released desktop mobile attendance device D1S/D2S that has extra-long standby hour. Became leading silicon fingerprint collector, newest fingerprint card (Bio Card), channel application modules and visible light face recognition which is applied on GPU/VPU modules.

Main Business & Other Solutions

The main solutions that our skilled and talented experts are providing to our customers are:

  • ZKTeco+ Smart Office Cloud Platform Empowerment Integrated Business (Smart Office Application).
  • Empowerment Integrated Business based on Biometric Verification Core Techniques (Smart Identity Authentication Application).
  • Smart Entrance & Exit Person + Car + Object Software Platform Empowerment Integrated Business.

Besides this, we have also made our reliable name in the industry by providing more professional solutions including:

  • ZKBioSecurity Parking Management Solution
  • ZKBioSecurity Education Solution (Kindergarten)
  • One Smart Card Solution
  • ZKBio Office Solution
  • ZKBioSecurity Destination based Dispatching Solution
  • ZKBioSecurity Education Solution
  • Solution for Mansion
  • ZKBioSecurity Smart Construction Site Entrance Control Solution
  • Canteen Management Solution
  • ZKBioFace

  • ZKBioSecurity Education Solution (High School and University)
  • ZKBioSecurity Constructing Security System
  • ZKBioSecurity Manufacturing Security System
  • Visitor Management
  • Locker Solution
  • ZKBioSecurity Law Enforcement Agency Solution
  • High Availability Solution
  • Elevator Control Solution
  • Door Management
  • Hotel Management

Application Areas

Our advanced technology of products including TDM95 Temperature Detector, Attendance Software, SpeedFace H5L Integration and others are designed for the application areas like Construction, Education, Energy, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Property management, Public facilities, Residential, Retail and more.

Quality Management

The quality management team at ZKTeco includes NPI and PQS. Professional NPI team works on overall quality control in R&D, trail products and other manufactured items. Whereas the PQS provide special quality services for VIP clients based on their specified requirements. Our high tech products have earned many certifications like FCC, CE, CE-RED and more for their supreme quality.

Cooperative Clients

We feel lucky to have established our niche in the industry and been able to serve below mentioned reputed companies:

  • Adidas
  • Big C Supercenter
  • Brasil Telecom
  • Carrefour
  • DHL
  • Godiva

  • KFC
  • Mandiri
  • McDonalds
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • MGM Grand
  • Nescafe

  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Seagate
  • Sharp
  • Standard Chartered
  • Staples

  • Toyota
  • Walmart
  • YKK
  • Haribo
  • Nike
  • TNT

Win-Win Cooperation

Our firm is a recognized diverse cooperation which works fluently in different areas through:

  • ZKTeco Hangzhou Lab: Conventional AI & deep learning techniques are used for vehicle features verification.
  • ZKTeco & Tafirt Joint Lab: Co-founded by Tianjin Academy & ZKTeco for Intelligent Recognition Technologies.
  • ZKTeco Wuhan Perception Technology Co., Ltd.: Innovation from HD video surveillance, AI solutions integration with face recognition, security professions to more technical services.
  • ZKWewin (XiaMen) Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd.: Co-founded by Fswewin Co., Ltd. & ZKTeco, it specializes in hybrid biometric verification, numerous industry patents and intellectual property rights.
  • Italian X-Ray Joint Lab: Founded in Sep 2017, it provides inspection of devices as per American & European market standards. 
  • Xiamen Cube Factory: We consider it as a mutually winning platform which provides integration of resources of our company, clients and other partners in flexible manner.
  • Xi'an Huaxin Intelligent Digital Technology Co., Ltd.: For integrating the leading hybrid biometric verification techniques in security sector and global marketing & development system.

Core Technologies

The core technologies in which we are constantly dealing and contributing through sheer innovation & inventions are Fingerprint Algorithm, Face Algorithm, Next Generation Face Algorithm and Iris Recognition.

Social Responsibility

While dealing in the development of latest technology of products that are much more advanced, useful and reliable, we are also playing an important role in society. Our firm is taking various actions that can help the people in need in direct or indirect manner. We stay updated and active to stay responsible & resourceful in society in several ways.

Expert Team

In our team of more than 250 professionals, we have technical experts who possess years of working experience in the domain. The entire team works under the guidance of motivating industrial experts. They help us in maintaining fluent supply of latest technology of TDM95 Temperature Detector, Security Metal Detector, Attendance Software, SpeedFace H5L Integration and more products. Our core team includes:

  • Anil K. Jain (Chief Honorary Scientist): Professor in the department of Computer Science & Engineering at Michigan State University. Member of ACM, AAAS, IEEE, SPIE, IAPR and more academic organizations. 
  • Ken Brownlee (Chief Biometric Scientist): He is a graduate from Yale University. His talent helped him in getting six patents with awards. He is CEO of Silk ID Systems Inc., a joint venture with ZKTeco.
  • US Silicon Valley Innovation Center Team (Innovation Center): It is our innovation hub where experts from high-tech firms like Google, Apple and Cisco work together on contactless biometrics, AI platform, international cloud infrastructure and deep learning platform. 
  • Richard Chen (Chief of Central Biometric Research Center): He is a graduate from Lanzhou University in application in Mathematics. He is one of the earliest researchers of algorithms for image processing, pattern recognition and face recognition.
  • David Li (CTO): He has master degree from Lanzhou University in foundations of Mathematics. He also has national and international awards for patents in various research in biometric technologies.

ZKTeco Work Culture

We believe that the work culture is essential for the consistent progression of any company. And, the values of company are the back bone of its work culture. ZKTeco is a visionary enterprise which focuses on responsibility of quality & commitment, integrity for maintaining our trustful position in industry & keep moving forward, pragmatism as we prefer to be practical & realistic and excellence because it always remains the prior endeavour of our firm. 


Over the years, we have earned many achievements through our outstanding quality of work in the production and supply of Security Metal Detector, SpeedFace H5L Integration, Attendance Software, etc. We have earned below mentioned honors in the past few years:


  • Top 10 Security Brands in China in,
  • Certificate of Enterprise Credit Grade
  • The 16th CPSE Jinding Award Certificate
  • Joined Guangdong Manufacturing Association
  • Top 10 Innovative Brand Awards
  • a&s A & C- Top 10 National Brand Certificate


  • TOP 30 Technology Innovations
  • Top 10 Security Brands in China
  • Security Industry Innovation Award
  • ZKTeco joined CBA


  • ESX 2015 Innovation Awards


  • a&s Top 10 Security Brands in China
  • Top 100 Chinese Security Companies
  • Safe City Excellent Security Product


  • Top 30 Technology Innovations for EC-10 EX16


  • Top 10 Access Control System Brand


  • Finalist for the IFSEC
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